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The Tabor Experience

Own Your Experience at Tabor

Welcome to Tabor Academy, an ambitious and supportive boarding school community where students in grades 9-12 take risks, challenge themselves, mentor others and prepare to lead as they live and learn in our school by the sea.

Located on an 88-acre campus on the shores of Massachusetts’ Buzzards Bay, Tabor offers a unique learning experience based on the premise that we go further together.

The Tabor Academy Difference...

We are active learners.

Applied learning has been the Tabor way since our earliest days when students hand-built “batter boats” to race against each other. While students still build and race boats today, they also apply knowledge and technical skills across the curriculum through projects in arts, drama, engineering, science, humanities and leadership experiences.

We are serious about mentorship.

With 65% living on campus, Tabor's faculty is committed to helping our students develop their characters, explore their interests, and reach for higher standards -- 24/7. This ensures students have the best chance for success at Tabor and beyond. Among Seawolves, mentorship often lasts a lifetime.

We are a home away from home.

“Tabor is like a sleepover with homework,” says one student. Here, students and faculty live and learn together, which means we have more time to reflect, discuss, experience and consider ideas -- and have fun as a community. 

We are sized for success.

At 537 students, our school is small enough to forge a strong sense of community, but large and diverse enough to continuously make new friends or gain a new perspective. Our broad program and small classes, dorms and advisory groups allow you to be you, while always being a part of us.

We are the School by the Sea.

Did you notice our location? We are literally on the sea, with quick access to all kinds of opportunities for recreation, beauty, reflection and, in our case, unique program offerings. While each student at Tabor has a different relationship to our location, the stunning backdrop of Sippican Harbor is magical for us all and provides a constant metaphor for what we do

We do community right.

Community is everything at Tabor Academy. Students and faculty work together toward their personal best while encouraging their peers to step up and do the same. This inclusive and supportive environment allows our ambitious culture of learning to flourish.

We are Seawolves.

Tabor values teamwork -- not only on the field, but also through academics, arts, campus leadership and more. Seawolves quickly learn that the value of a team is not about wins and losses but about learning how to be a great teammate, showing our Tabor pride, and supporting our classmates. That's our culture; it's how we roll!

We are All-A-Taut-O (That's our motto).

Hey, that rhymes! But what does it mean? To understand All-A-Taut-O, think about that moment, full of balanced tension, just before a big race… or an exam you have really prepared for… or as you wait off-stage for your cue. It’s that moment (can you feel it?) when you are exceptionally ready and able for whatever comes next.



We are Tabor Academy. Ready to go further with us?


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