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Tabor TV

Enjoy Tabor TV

In the links below, we have included an extensive library of videos and documents showcasing many aspects of life at Tabor. (Tabor TV, if you will!) In addition, we have provided some fun activities for you and your family to partake in! Brush up on your facts about Tabor or show your creative side. 
Bookmark this page and come back often to enjoy content on your timeframe.
Welcome to Tabor Academy!


From our Marine Field Ecology class’s annual paddle boarding class to map the seagrass in our harbor to our annual Graboys Leadership Symposium, explore all things academic at Tabor. No matter what subject interests you the most, Tabor finds a way to make it come to life.


Competing as a Seawolf is about more than just playing at the highest level. It’s about leadership, learning, growth, and teamwork. It has a rich history and some very unique aspects! Meet some of our past captains and learn about some athletic experiences you can only have at Tabor. 

Campus Life

You’ll spend as much time outside our classrooms as you will in them, and that time will be full of experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. Take a peek inside life in our dorms, our clubs and activities, and our wide range of community service options. Tabor is home away from home.

The Arts

At Tabor, the arts offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking to try a new art class or perfect your craft in one of our after-school offerings, backstage or front and center, as a novice or a serious student hoping to continue professionally, there is room to explore and grow. 


It's a Great Day to be a Seawolf!


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