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Tuition & Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid at Tabor

Tabor’s need-based financial aid program is guided by the National Association of Independent Schools’ “Principles of Good Practice for Financial Aid Administration.” In order to determine a family’s demonstrated need, Tabor subscribes to the School and Student Services (SSS) for financial aid. SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools. Based on the financial information provided, SSS gives Tabor an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses which helps the school make fair and objective financial aid decisions. 

You may begin to apply for financial aid on November 1. To be eligible for consideration for financial aid, you must complete the financial aid application by January 15. Financial aid decisions are included with admissions decisions communicated to families on March 10. Awarded grants are conditional upon review of a family’s current federal tax return which must be submitted online with SSS no later than May 1 of the year preceding the next academic year. If your child is required to file a tax return, that form must also be submitted to SSS.

Because we cannot provide aid to all of our qualified applicants, Tabor will wait-list an applicant who qualifies for financial aid if we do not have both financial aid and a place available. Once an applicant who qualifies for financial aid has been wait-listed, both a place and financial aid must become available before that applicant will be taken off the wait-list.

Do I need to reapply for financial aid in subsequent years?

Families must reapply for financial aid annually at If a family’s circumstances do not change, that family should expect to continue to pay tuition at approximately the same level throughout their child’s tenure at Tabor Academy. Financial aid packages do not include programs beyond those expected of all students.

For more information about financial aid, please read Understanding Private School Financial Aid. This link is an ebook written by Brian Fisher of AdmissionsQuest that can be very useful to families who are applying for financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is Tabor's code for SSS?

    Tabor Academy's SSS code is 7594.
  • Q. How do I apply for financial aid?

    To apply for financial aid you must complete the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) online at

    Plan ahead so the Parents' Financial Statement can be submitted to SSS by the January 15 deadline. Both NEW and RETURNING Tabor families should apply for financial aid online by visiting and completing the PFS. You will be given a username and password which will allow you to save information and return to the PFS before submitting it. 
    Families must also submit a signed copy of their most recent Federal Tax return (with all schedules) and W-2 forms to SSS by January 15. If you have not completed your current year tax return and you are a new student, please submit your most recently completed return.  If you own a business or farm, it is necessary to include a business/farm statement (found on the SSS website). All financial documentation (the 1040, W-2, and if applicable, the business/farm form) should be submitted online or sent to: SSS by NAIS, PO Box 449, Randolph, MA, 02368-0449. The phone number at SSS is (800)344.8328.
  • Q. Will applying for financial aid affect my child's chances of admission?

    Admission applications are read without regard for a family’s ability to pay. Only in the final phase is the selection process “need aware” as the Admission Committee weighs its decision, considering the student’s overall academic and personal strengths against available funds.

    Because we cannot provide aid to all of our qualified applicants, Tabor will wait-list an applicant who qualifies for financial aid if we do not have both financial aid and a place available. Once an applicant who qualifies for financial aid has been wait-listed, both a place and financial aid must become available before that applicant will be taken off the wait-list.
  • Q. How many students receive aid at Tabor?

    Approximately 36% of the student body is receiving some level of financial aid.
  • Q. What is the process of parents who are separated or divorced?

    Financial aid is based on ability to pay, and both parents are therefore expected to contribute to their child’s education and are asked to fill out financial aid forms. For special circumstances, contact the Director of Financial Aid at 508.291.8326.
  • Q. If I receive a financial aid award, will it be the same for each year I attend?

    New and returning students must apply for financial aid each year. Typically, returning students will receive at least the financial aid amount that was awarded for the first year, unless there has been a significant change in a family’s financial status.
  • Q. Does Tabor offer athletic scholarships?

    No. Financial awards are based on a family’s demonstrated need.
  • Q. Is it worth applying if I am not sure our family will receive aid?

    Family circumstances differ greatly and there are factors other than income that may affect award decisions. Tabor is committed to meeting the need of a broad spectrum of families.
  • Q. What expectatons does Tabor have regarding my family contribution?

    Sending your child to Tabor is a choice. While we do not want parents to experience economic hardship as a result of their child's enrollment, we do expect sacrifices to be made in order to maximize a contribution. For example, we assume that both able-bodied parents will work, unless they have a child at home not yet of school age. Otherwise, Tabor may impute income on the PFS.
  • Q. Can I appeal the size of my award?

    Yes. Write a letter (or email) to the Director of Financial Aid explaining your situation in as much detail as possible. We are willing to consider requests for adjustments, however, we have limited funds and need to be fair to all of our qualified applicants.
  • Q. Does Tabor offer payment plans?

    Yes, Tabor does offer payment plans. Please contact the Business Office for information regarding payment plans.

Apply Online

  • Read Applying for Financial Aid on the SSS website by clicking here. You can find other valuable resources on this page, as well.
  • Starting on November 1, go to to begin the financial aid application process.
  • Click on the prompt to begin your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). You only have to complete one PFS even if you have several children applying to our school.
  • You will be given a password that will allow you to return to your PFS if you do not complete it in one session.
  • Submit all required documents online with SSS, including your current year tax return. Your documents will be handled with the utmost security by SSS. To read more about SSS’s document security, go to

Financial Aid Timeline

January 15
Complete the Parents' Financial Statement with SSS online at
March 10
Admission and financial aid decisions are communicated.
April 10
Enrollment Agreement is due in the Admission Office with first payment of 10% due to the business office.
May 1
Submit your current Federal Income Tax Return online at No financial aid award is finalized until we receive your completed current Federal Income Tax Return.


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