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International Applicants

Intl Applicant Questions in Translation

International Applicant Information in Translation

We hope you will find the translations of commonly asked questions below helpful. Click your country's flag to read in your language. Application information for all students can be found by clicking here. If you are a student currently living and studying in Mainland China, please visit our information page. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office with any questions, or contact Steve Downes or Rick DaSilva at the Center for International Students, 508-291-8380.

Common Questions about International Admissions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Does Tabor require non-native English speakers to submit a TOEFL score? How about the SSAT?

    A standardized test score that measures English ability is required from all non-native English speakers. We strongly recommend sending us scores for both the TOEFL and the SSAT. Candidates for 11th grade admission may submit a PSAT or SAT score in place of the SSAT score. Non-native English speakers who have studied in a primarily English language environment for at least three years may submit just the SSAT, although it may be to their advantage to provide a TOEFL score as well. 
  • Q. Does Tabor have midyear (February) admission? Can a student come for 12th grade only? Is it alright to repeat a grade?

    We do not accept students at midyear. Our admissions application deadline is January 31st to begin study the following September. We do not generally accept 12th grade students. Most new students enroll for 9th and 10th grade, with a few coming as 11th graders. Repeating a grade is acceptable and sometimes advisable to improve English language skills, provided that the student will not reach age 20 before graduating. 
  • Q. What are the minimum TOEFL and SSAT scores required for International Student admission to Tabor? Does Tabor offer an ESL English, or a special program for English language learners?

    Our minimal TOEFL score is 80 or higher, depending on the country. The average TOEFL score for our newly enrolled International Students this year is 104. For students applying for 10th and 11th grades, the TOEFL score expectations are somewhat higher than those for 9th grade candidates. For the SSAT math score, we look for a SSAT percentile score of 80% or higher. A student’s current English course score, the current English teacher recommendation, the SSAT verbal score, and the interview are also considered to assess English ability. Tabor does not offer an ESL course. All International Students take regular English classes. Students may take seek English language support in our ASSST Learning Center, or within the English Department. 
  • Q. Does Tabor offer admission interviews overseas?

    Our Admission Office and International Center representatives do some admissions travel to Europe, Asia, and the Atlantic Islands during the summer and fall.  Please check the school website on the admission page to locate any planned travel for receptions and interviews.  If you are unable to visit the campus, please use Skype so that you can communicate more easily.  Admission candidates from mainland China are asked to do a preliminary interview in China with Vericant (  for approval by our Admission staff, and also to submit a 100+ TOEFL score, before they continue with their Tabor application.
  • Q. Does Tabor issue the I-20 Form required to obtain a visa at the US Embassy or Consulate?

    Yes. We have around 80 International Students each year to whom we issue I-20 Forms after they enroll as new students in April and then provide us with financial certification, parent affidavit, and a copy of their passport page. In nearly all cases, our newly admitted students succeed in obtaining student visas. American citizens who live abroad and return to home overseas for long vacations are considered International Students at Tabor.
  • Q. Does Tabor have quotas or limits on the number of students from each country?

    To some extent. Our experience has been that our students and their families do not want too large a group of students from a single country that might draw them away from the community. Our largest group is from China, and we seek balance among different cultures and traditions in building a collective community spirit and atmosphere. In general, our enrollment of different countries and regions approximately matches the number of students from each country or region that graduate that spring.
  • Q. Does Tabor grant financial aid to International Students?

    Limited financial aid is available for International Students, and these awards are relatively rare. In line with the school’s student body composition, most financial aid is awarded to American students. We are unfortunately not able to meet all of the aid requests from International Students, even from some highly qualified candidates.  


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