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Common Admission Questions

Have admission questions we can help with?

List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What are some good search engines for boarding schools?

    We like because it provides easy access to all boarding schools’ web sites. Also, is a very popular website for independent school research.
  • Q. What are Tabor Academy's codes for standardized tests? 

    SSAT: 7594 
    TOEFL: 8062
    ACT/PSAT/SAT: Because we are also a high school, Tabor Academy does not have a code for these tests. Please have your school counselor to either add your scores to your transcript or send a copy of your official score report to our office at 
  • Q. How much value should I place on what I hear about schools from friends, alumni, and teachers?

    Word of mouth can be a valuable research tool as long as you understand that all advice comes with a particular slant. If anything stands out, either positive or negative, from word of mouth, you should take the time to verify this information with that particular school.
  • Q. What is the interview like?

    Remember that the interview is a two-way street. The admissions representative is as interested in learning about you as you should be in learning more about the school. Come to the interview prepared with some good questions that indicate what is important to you. You probably will not leave an interview feeling as if you have been grilled, but the interviewer is curious to see how you think on your feet, what is important to you, and most importantly, why you want to go to boarding school.
  • Q. What should I pay attention to when I am on campus?

    Schools are about people. Try to spend less time looking at the real estate and more time observing the people who make up a school. How do students interact with each other? How do teachers and students treat one another? Are students engaged when you look into classrooms? Do you feel that you could be part of the community?
  • Q. What should I wear to my interview?

    A good rule of thumb is to dress in the dress code of the school you are visiting. You will feel more comfortable walking around campus, and your appearance will show the interviewer that you have done some research into his or her school.  (Tabor has "business casual" dress expectations with students dressing in "professional dress" when they wish to put their best foot forward for presentations, exams or whatever they deem most important.)

    Plus, check the weather since you usually take a walking tour of the campus!
  • Q. What if I don't have a teacher in one of the disciplines for which you request a recommendation?

    Call our office for advice. We will probably steer you toward a teacher of one of your other major subjects. Also, be sure to notify our office if we are not going to receive a specific recommendation so that we know to complete the application rather than wait for something that is never going to arrive.
  • Q. What if a teacher from the previous year knows me better?

    We ask that you still submit current teacher recommendations. If you are worried that your current teacher does not know you well, then wait until later in the year (but before the deadline!) to have him or her write your recommendation. If you still want a teacher from a previous year to write a recommendation for you, that is fine; it will act as a supplement to the current recommendations.
  • Q. Do letters of recommendation from other people help my application?

    One or two additional letters of recommendation will not hurt your application, but more than that might deflect attention away from other stronger aspects of your application. Be sure that these extra letters of recommendation help make you stand out in some special way. Perhaps, for example, you could seek a recommendation from a community service director or summer employer.
  • Q. Will you tell me if I am missing pieces of my application before the deadline?

    Responsibility for checking on the status of an application lies solely with the applicant. We will notify families of the status of an application near the deadline, but we cannot be held responsible for regular communication about an application's status. Please call our office to check on the status of your application.
  • Q. How much does Tabor count testing?

    Testing is considered by the Admissions Committee in context, meaning we take into account the profile of the applicant before making any assessment of their testing performance. Because testing is taken in context, and every student's profile is different, you should feel free to ask an admissions staff member to discuss your test results with you. Testing gains importance the higher or lower the results.
  • Q. Should I take the SSAT more than once?

    Our advice is to schedule your testing such that you will have a second chance to take the test before the deadline should the first results not meet your expectations.
  • Q. How long should my essays be?

    We believe a good essay can be written in the space provided. It is permissible to use additional space, but please remember that the Admissions Committee will be reading your essays during a very busy time of year. For us to give your responses the attention they deserve, they should not be too long.
  • Q. Does it matter if my application arrives close to the admissions deadline?

    Not at all. About 75% of our application materials arrive during the last week of January. We spend most of February reading applications. You should send in the Application for Admission as soon as you decide to apply to Tabor. Only upon receipt of this document will we start your application folder and send you status reports about its level of completion.
  • Q. What is Tabor Academy's acceptance rate?

    Acceptance rates vary amongst each applicant pool, but over the last five years, Tabor Academy's acceptance rate averages 35%.
  • Q. Does applying for Financial Aid affect my chances for admissions?

    The Admissions Committee's evaluation of an applicant does not take into account their ability to pay tuition. Only in the final phase is the selection process “need aware” as the Admission Committee weighs its decision, considering the student’s overall academic and personal strengths against available funds.
  • Q. Can a student be admitted but declined financial aid?

    Yes. Requests for financial aid far outpace the funds available. Thus, because each admissions decision is made independently of a family's ability to pay tuition, some families will receive an acceptance from our Admissions Committee and a letter from our Financial Aid Committee indicating that we will not be able to award them financial aid.
  • Q. Do students ever come off the waitlist?

    Yes, there are times when students come off the waitlist and are invited to enroll at Tabor.


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