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Unique Offerings

Tabor Hydroponics Greenhouse

Take on New Challenges

While the majority of Tabor students study within the standard curriculum, many of our students opt to go beyond their comfort zone to work independently, take advantage of unique campus or regional offerings, or to travel and study abroad.

Here are just some of the distinctive opportunities Tabor students can pursue:

We participate in foreign exchange programs with our sister school in China: RDFZ High School in Beijing, and our partner Rysensteen Gymnasium in Copenhagen, Denmark. These are typically week-long school visits with homestays both here at Tabor and abroad. However, there is also an opportunity for juniors to study at RDFZ for the fall trimester. Additionally, students interested in living and learning in another culture have also participated in School Year Abroad (SYA) and The Island School. Students who are approved for these programs receive full credit for the work they complete while abroad.

Summer travel grants are also awarded to applicants for a month-long stay in Japan, as well as participation in a language or cultural course of a student's choosing. There is even one for an Outward Bound experience for Grade 10 students.