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Our Digital Campus

Distance Learning Schedule

We are always open for learning!

During this unprecedented time when we can't be on campus, the academic schedule has been altered to support distance learning as we adjust to living with the coronavirus. Read more about our response.

The Academic Schedule remains a 7-day rotating schedule with 7 possible class blocks. Starting at 9:00 AM, four classes meet each day for 60 minutes each (down from 75 minutes which is typical when we are on campus). We finish at 3:00 PM, leaving time for clubs or contacting teachers and friends outside of class. There is ample community time, as well as "Office Hours" where students can easily locate teachers and advisors for guidance and help online. Please see our grading policy for this distance learning term.

Learn more in our Distance Learning Guide.

NOTE: Class time allotted provides synchronous check-in and planning time, as well as time to work independently, as directed by the teacher each week. Students in different time zones do their best during synchronous learning times; we flex as needed, knowing they can't always join us.

Please enjoy listening to the Town Hall with Parents on 4/16 where our administrative team provided answers to frequently asked questions, many about distance learning.

Tools and Assistance

Tabor uses Microsoft Teams and Zoom to assist our distance learning objectives, while MyTA remains the hub of our classroom management. All assignments and material for about 2-weeks of learning at a time are on MyTA. Additionally, students can find:

  • Teacher online availability
  • A link to an office hours conference sign-up sheet 
  • A link to the Microsoft Teams page for each class 
  • A directory of faculty & staff with email
Learn more about Zoom and Microsoft Teams: 

Microsoft Teams tutorial. There’s also a great mobile app for teams!
Zoom tutorial. Find Zoom at https:/
As always, our teachers are the glue as we navigate this new challenge together, dedicated to ensuring our students thrive and succeed. 

We are all in this together!

Distance Learning Norms

List of 7 items.

  • Arrive on Time

    • We have committed to a modified version of our 7-day, rotating schedule. Whether you are using Teams or Zoom, be prepared to start each synchronous touchpoint on time. Attendance will be taken. 
    • If you are unable to make a synchronous meeting (due to time zone constraints) be sure to communicate this to your teacher, in advance.
  • Logging On

    • Once you log on to Teams or Zoom, be sure your camera is turned on and your microphone is turned off. 
    • When you would like to ask a question or contribute to a conversation, type “question” or “comment” into the chat and you will be addressed directly by your teacher and/or classmate. 
    • Do your best not to interrupt others when they are speaking. 
  • Location and Dress

    • Work in a comfortable, yet appropriate location. Find a well-lit (though not back-lit) space with room to use your school materials. 
    • Dress comfortably, yet appropriately. Think: “neat casual”.
  • Focus and Engagement

    • It is easy to become distracted when working on your computer, but it’s critical that you engage deeply when doing so. Keep off other devices and programs during class time.
    • You are responsible for all content delivered during synchronous and asynchronous class sessions. Do not open another browser tab unless instructed to do so. 
  • Be Respectful

    • Do not, under any circumstances, take a screenshot, picture, snapchat, etc. of your teacher or classmates.
    • Do not make or distribute any recordings of any of your classes. 
  • Academic Integrity

    • Remember: this is school. You are expected to abide by the same rules outlined by the Tabor Academy Acceptable Use Policy
    • As always, academic integrity is an utmost priority. Make good decisions. If you are unsure what is expected of you or how to complete an assignment, don’t take any shortcuts. Gain clarity by asking your teachers directly. 
    • Violations will be addressed by the Academic Honor Committee. 
  • Good Will

    Approach this learning adventure with optimism and good will. Encourage and support your peers and teachers. We are in this together and will succeed if we bring out the best in one another.
We are organized by three trimesters:

Fall: September through Thanksgiving Break

Winter: After Thanksgiving to Spring Break

Spring: After Spring Break to Commencement


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