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A Flexible Curriculum Designed for Breadth & Challenge

At Tabor Academy, our greatest hope is that our students discover their passions and realize the boundlessness of their potential. Our classes range across the academic disciplines, encouraging students to explore their interests and discover their unique strengths. Our commitment to small class size helps us create lively and dynamic classrooms that encourage our students to be active participants and partners in their learning. With an emphasis on relevant, hands-on and place-based learning, our classes help students go beyond merely memorizing “the what” to truly understanding “the why” in every subject.

With a wide-ranging variety of courses across the academic disciplines and numerous honors and Advanced Topic class offerings, students can explore their interests and seek additional intellectual challenges in just about any academic area.

Student and teacher in a classroom

Chart Your Course:

Please note: While we make every effort to keep this page as up to date as possible, course descriptions, prerequisites, and availability may change at any time. As such, enrolled students should consult the official AY Course Catalog for the most current information.