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Course Catalog

Student and teacher in a classroom

A Flexible Curriculum Designed for Breadth and Challenge

At Tabor Academy, our greatest hope is that our students discover their passions and realize the boundlessness of their potential. Our range of classes across the academic disciplines encourages students to explore their interests and discover their unique strengths. Our commitment to small class size helps us create a lively and active classroom dynamic. We want our students to be active participants and partners in their learning, rather than passive consumers.

The hallmarks of Tabor’s academic program are breadth and challenge. With wide-ranging variety across the disciplines and numerous honors, Advanced Topic, AP, and Post-AP offerings, students can explore their interests and seek additional intellectual challenges in just about any academic area. Every Tabor student crafts a “four-year plan,” charting their academic course through the curriculum. Students and advisors revisit those plans together each year in the spring to help students select a suitably challenging and balanced course load.

Dedicated Faculty and Staff

Because our teachers are also coaches, dorm parents, and academic and club advisors, students the adults in the community get to know one another across all facets of school life, enhancing our ability to advise and encourage our students to explore new areas of interests and reach for their own personal standards of high achievement.