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Testing & Test Prep

Information for Juniors Regarding Test Preparation

Tabor’s partnership with Method Test Prep allows us to offer a self-paced standardized test preparation program that students can use at times that work for them, accommodating their busy schedules.  Method is a nationally-recognized leader in the industry and offers a self-paced, online program accessible to students on any internet-connected computer, tablet, or phone.  A time-tested proven tool for student success, the self-paced program provides an easy-to-follow checklist that will build student confidence and competence on the material covered by the ACT and SAT.  

The self-paced program features the following:

  • thousands of practice questions (each of which has a detailed explanation of the right answer)
  • four full-length practice tests
  • a unique vocabulary builder tool
  • numerous downloadable documents, study guides, and instructional videos.  
  • detailed diagnostic assessments which will allow your child’s college counselor to help him or her determine a focus on the ACT or the SAT as they move forward with test preparation
  • 24/7 year-round access to the self-paced online program

There is no cost to participate. Test preparation is included as part of a Tabor education.  Juniors are required to complete the diagnostic assessment before the first meeting with their college counselor in mid-to-late November.  The information gleaned from the diagnostic assessment allows each student’s college counselor to provide the very best advice in the most thoughtful and timely manner.  

SAT & ACT at Tabor Test Dates 2022-2023

Tabor is an ACT and SAT test site.  

SAT Dates

  • August 27
  • October 1
  • November 5
  • March 22
  • May 6

ACT Dates

  • September 10
  • October 22
  • February 11
  • April 15

NOTE: Students wishing to take an SAT or ACT test off campus will need to reference health protocols and obtain permission from the Deans’ Office. All other questions may be forwarded to Lauren Boucher at

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