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College Counseling

Advice and Advocacy from College Counseling Professionals

Providing Tabor students and families with the support necessary to make informed, intentional decisions is the goal of the College Counseling Office. On top of being college counselors with 85 years of combined experience, we are dorm parents, coaches, program directors, and advisors who attend our counselees’ plays, athletic events, and musical presentations. We know our students well. As a result, we are able to represent and advocate for students in the best possible ways.   

Lauren Boucher, Co-Director of College Counseling

Mary Kate McCain, Co-Director of College Counseling

Student Services:

Family Services:
  • Seminars at Fall/Winter Family Weekends
  • Kick-Off Weekend with college admission reps
  • Naviance Software (info on all colleges)
  • Helpful parent portal
  • Regular e-mail communication
  • Individual counseling
  • Seminar on financial aid
  • One-on-one free financial consulting
  • Highly experienced staff

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