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Head of School Tony Jaccaci

Welcome to Tabor, our School by the Sea.

As you set foot on our campus, you'll feel something unique, something distinctly Tabor. Experience the openness of our campus, inhale the salty ocean air, and enjoy the sense of everything falling perfectly into place. We call this phenomenon All-A-Taut-O, our distinctive motto rooted in maritime tradition, which describes a ship fully rigged, ready to sail any sea, be it in fair or foul weather.

In much the same way, at Tabor, we gear up to prepare you for every facet of your journey. We believe academic accomplishment isn't limited to mastering textbook subjects. It's about fostering an environment that cultivates intellectual curiosity, equips you with robust problem-solving skills, and nurtures a resilient mindset ready to adapt and excel amidst life's various challenges.

Whether you're plunging into the depths of a beloved subject or plotting a course through uncharted academic territories, our devoted faculty are your reliable compass. They offer personalized guidance, stimulate critical thinking, and encourage groundbreaking ideas. We, at Tabor, pride ourselves on teaching you how to navigate these waters, focusing not solely on the destination but cherishing the voyage of learning; we value the process and purpose of learning.

At Tabor, we view education as an exciting voyage, preparing you not just for the rigors of today but the boundless opportunities of tomorrow. Beyond the classroom, we're dedicated to ensuring you sail forth with confidence, courage, and capability, ready to tackle life's seas. Our school offerings go well beyond the water, however, with broad-ranging programs of excellence – academic, artistic, athletic and residential — that speak to the heart of our mission. So, strap in, future Seawolf, for this exhilarating voyage, and let Tabor guide your path towards a future bursting with achievement and fulfillment.

Come and see what makes Tabor special. We look forward to welcoming you to our School by the Sea. 

Mr. Tony Jaccaci
Head of School

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