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Tabor Academy science teacher with student
Tabor students are surrounded by a community of caring adults in a concentric circle. It’s a core network of adults that care about their success and well-being. Each student is believed in, cared for, and given the confidence needed at this stage in time.

Tabor Academy is a community dedicated to lifelong learning at every level. In the past three years, 95% of faculty and staff have participated in professional development. They are innovative thought leaders that bring enthusiasm, creativity and passion to their profession. 

To strive for excellence in teaching, our faculty and staff are facilitators that motivate students to problem solve and make personal discoveries. They care for, challenge, and support students while modeling the high standards they expect their students to cultivate and uphold.

Faculty and Staff Directory

At Tabor, teaching is really fun. I have the flexibility to tap into what I love and share it with the students. There are profound connections built here. It’s like being part of a family.