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Tabor 150 Strategic Plan

Aerial Photo of Tabor Campus

Navigating the Future

At the culmination of an eighteen-month process involving groups of alumni, parents, faculty and students, Tabor's Board of Trustees unanimously approved a Long Range Vision for the Year 2026, Tabor's 150th anniversary.  The Board also approved a strategic plan, the first in a series of plans to guide us on this journey. Today, Tabor administrators, faculty, staff, and trustees are enthusiastically engaged in implementing the second phase of the Long Range Plan we are calling Tabor 150: Navigating the Future.

Six Critical Priorities

This vision informed the board’s effort in the creation of strategic objectives over four-year increments focusing on results in six critical priorities:

  • The Tabor Experience: Review and revise all programs to support a personal approach to student development, incorporating new methods to cultivate rigor, responsibility, service to others, global citizenship and the joy of learning.
  • Ocean Ecology: Define and develop a unique approach to using our relationship with the ocean as an educational tool and metaphor for the systematic study of the world around us.
  • Faculty: Attract, develop, and retain exceptional faculty members who will embrace and advance Vision 2026.
  • Diversity: Continue to build an inclusive and equitable community of students, faculty, staff and Board that embraces diversity and multiple perspectives, and which values the development of the central skills of citizenship.
  • Operational Excellence: Develop an ambitious and innovative culture of excellence and continuous improvement in every area of the school’s operations, emphasizing planning, communications, technology, volunteerism and data-driven understanding and decision-making.
  • Advancement: Build a culture of engagement and philanthropic support that advances the school and the critical priorities, increases financial aid and the Fund for Tabor to position Tabor in the top-quartile of peer schools, and inspires $150 million in annual, capital and endowment giving (by 2026).

With the active support of our entire community, our vision will come into reality. There is much to be accomplished, and we welcome your involvement in our vision for all that Tabor can be.

Our Vision for Tabor in 2026

At Tabor Academy, we are a diverse and inclusive community of life-long learners known for our principled engagement with the world around us. Our school is recognized for its deliberate commitment to transformative personal growth for our students and our innovative ocean-oriented programming. Tabor graduates are leaders, adaptable and exceptionally skilled at navigating the 21st century.