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Head of School Search

Letter from the Head of School Search Committee

October 5, 2020

Dear Tabor Community Members,

Since our last update to you on August 14, our Team has made good progress with the Head of School Search.

We completed our Position and Candidate Specification that clearly articulates what we see as the ideal profile for a Tabor Head of School. Our Position and Candidate Specification was built by listening and gathering input from a wide cross section of our community. We had:
  • 4 Meetings with Faculty
  • 2 Meetings with Alumni
  • 2 Meetings with Parents
  • 1 Meeting with Staff
  • 1 Meeting with Student Leaders
  • 401 Online Surveys Completed
  • Numerous Meetings with Trustees, Emeritus and Leadership
  • Valuable input through our email at
In each of our meetings, we asked:
  • What is distinctive about Tabor?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges facing the next Head of School?
  • What experiences, background, characteristics and attributes could you encourage the Search Committee to seek in the next Head of School?
  • What advice do you have for the Search Committee?
We are greatly appreciative to those who have been able to participate and continue to look forward to hearing from those who have not. We also continue to welcome your comments, feedback, and nominations.

We are also pleased to report that the marketplace reaction to this opportunity has been extremely positive and the reputation of our school is very strong. Our community will be kept apprised of our progress.

If you have questions, please contact


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. When will the new Head of School officially start?

    The New Head of School will begin their tenure in July of 2021.
  • Q. What is the role of the search committee?

    The Board of Trustees has asked the Head Search Committee to engage in a thoughtful and thorough process to develop and assess prospective candidates, ultimately recommending one person to the Board for consideration as Tabor’s next Head of School. The Board expects the Committee to engage broadly with the School community, to listen to a wide variety of views about the School and the qualities needed in the next Head of School. The Board asks the Search Committee to keep the community informed and engaged throughout the search process, while respecting the confidentiality of the candidate recruitment process.
  • Q. Who is on the search committee?

    Carmine A. Martignetti ’71, Board Chair

    Regina Shakin P ’15, ’17, ’19, Search Committee Co-Chair

    Jay Waring, ’87, P ’13, Search Committee Co-Chair

    Clem Benenson ‘00

    Mackenzie Chaput

    Lisa Eyler ’87, P ’15, ‘17

    Eric Long P ‘23

    Paul Murphy ‘75

    Marvin Pierre ‘02

    Travis Roy ‘95

    Stephen Sprague ‘68

    Nini Suet ‘03
  • Q. What is The Board's role?

    As the fiduciaries of Tabor Academy, the Board of Trustees holds the important responsibility of appointing the Head of School. Members of the Board will share their thoughts with the Spencer Stuart consultants prior to the development of the position specification. The Board of Trustees will have the opportunity to meet with the finalist candidate(s), and, acting on the recommendation of the Search Committee, will vote to approve the appointment of the next Head of School.
  • Q. What is the role of Spencer Stuart, the search firm?

    Spencer Stuart is the consulting firm selected by Tabor's Board Chair in consult with the Co-Chairs. The team of Mary Gorman, Meg Becker, Tiffany Pollack and Matthew Jackson (Tabor ’09) of Spencer Stuart’s Education, Nonprofit and Government Practice will provide advice to the Search Committee throughout the process. They will gather input from outreach discussions and an online survey, and, working closely with the Search Committee, they will develop the position specification. The consultants will conduct extensive outreach into the desired candidate pools, seeking to identify people whose experiences, backgrounds, attributes, and characteristics align with Tabor’s aspirations for the next Head of School. The consultants guide the Search Committee through the interview and recruitment process, ensuring that the candidates' and the Committee's need for information and diligence are met.
  • Q. What is the expected timeline of the search process?

    The Search Committee will commence work during the summer of 2020, and we expect to name Tabor’s next Head of School in the winter or early spring of 2021. We will work as expeditiously as possible while ensuring a thorough, thoughtful process.
  • Q. How can members of the Tabor community participate in the process?

    The Search Committee is eager to hear from all members of the Tabor community and will provide several opportunities to do so:

    • Participate in virtual meetings: Over the summer and into the early fall, there will be opportunities for community members—including alumni - to share their thoughts and perspectives via video or phone with members of the Search Committee and/or the search consultants. Details as to time of such meetings will be forthcoming.
    • Complete the online survey: By late August we will launch an online survey allowing all school constituents to share their input.
    • Send us a message: We welcome your questions, advice, and nominations. Please send any comments to

Head of School Search Committee

Carmine A. Martignetti '71

Trustee Role: Chair of the Board, Tabor Academy 2006-present (5th term); Elected Chair in 2014 
Title: President and Co-Owner, Martignetti Companies 
Education: Boston College, B.A. 
Residence: MA 
Committees: Advancement, Audit, Building & Grounds, Finance, Nominating & Governance, Investment & Pension, Tabor Experience, Curriculum Advancement & Innovation, Advisory (ad hoc), EMA (Taskforce) 

Mobile: 617-877-2007 

Regina Shakin P '15 '17 '19  (Co-Chair Head of School Search Committee) 

Trustee Role: Trustee 2015-present (2nd term) 
Title: Retired Fixed Income Trader/Analyst 
Education: American University, B.A. 
Residence: MA 
Committees: Advancement, Nominating & Governance, Curriculum Advancement & Innovation, EMA (Taskforce), Advisory (ad hoc) 

Mobile: 617-851-5694

Jay Waring '87, P '13 
(Co-Chair Head of School Search Committee) 

Trustee Role: Trustee 2015-present (2nd term) 
Title: COO, Service Corporation International 
Education: Stetson University, B.A.; UMASS, Dartmouth, M.B.A. 
Residence: TX 
Committees: Finance, Advancement, Nominating & Governance, Advisory (ad hoc) 

Mobile: 508-642-5963

Clem Benenson '00 

Trustee Role: Trustee 2011-present (4th term) 
Title: Co-President, Summa Holdings & Industrial Manufacturing 
Education: Tulane University, B.A. 
Residence: MA 
Committees: Advancement, Nominating & Governance 

Mobile: 917-445-3496
Phone: 617-807-0634

Mackenzie Chaput 

Title: Faculty 2014-present, Math Instructor 
Education: Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S.; Harvard University, M.A. 
Residence: MA 

Mobile: 518-796-8479 

Lisa Eyler '87, P '15 '17 

Trustee Role: Trustee, Secretary 2013-present (3rd term) 
Title: Realtor & Managing Partner, Eyler Properties Management 
Education: Boston University, B.A. 
Residence: NV 
Committees: Finance, Advancement, Investment & Pension, Nominating & Governance, Advisory (ad hoc) 

Mobile: 702-349-8169
Phone: 702-242-6609

Eric Long, P '23 

Title: Faculty 2007-present, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid 
Education: St. Anselm College, B.A. 
Residence: MA 

Mobile: 774-678-5475 

Paul Murphy '75 

Trustee Role: Trustee, Vice Chair 2009-present (5th term) 
Title: Retired litigator 
Education: United States Merchant Marine Academy, B.S.; Emory University, J.D. 
Residence: GA 
Committees: Nominating & Governance, Curriculum Advancement & Innovation, Advisory (ad hoc), Investment & Pension 

Mobile: 678-522-1001 
Phone: 770-952-2021 

Marvin Pierre '02 

Trustee Role: Trustee 2019-present (1st term) 
Title: Founder & Executive Director, Eight Million Stories 
Education: Trinity College (CT), B.A.; University of Houston, M.Ed. 
Residence: TX 
Committees: Building & Grounds, Curriculum Advancement & Innovation, Tabor Experience 

Mobile: 832-849-7570

Stephen Sprague '68 

Trustee Role: Trustee 2018-present (1st term) 
Title: CFO, Rafferty Capital Markets/Rafferty Asset Management 
Education: Colgate University, B.A.; Cornell University, M.B.A. 
Residence: NY 
Committees: Finance, Audit, Building & Grounds 

Mobile: 914-525-3042
Phone: 646-572-3444

Nini Suet '03 

Trustee Role: Trustee 2019-present (1st term) 
Title: Founder & Head Consultant, Shang Learning 
Education: Princeton University, B.A.; University of Hong Kong, M.A. 
Residence: Beijing 
Committees: Curriculum Advancement and Innovation, Advancement, Finance 

Mobile: +86 138 1156 0901


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