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About Us

Board of Trustees

Meet our Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Tabor Academy. Please enjoy learning a bit more about these dedicated and knowledgeable stewards of Tabor Academy and our mission with students.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

List of 15 members.

  • Photo of Regina Shakin

    Regina Shakin 

    American University - B.A.
  • Photo of G. Eric Davis

    G. Eric Davis 89

    University of San Francisco - J.D.
    University of California - B.A.
  • Photo of Stephen Sprague

    Stephen Sprague 68

    Colgate University - B.A.
    Cornell University - M.B.A.
  • Photo of Elizabeth Eyler

    Elizabeth (Welsh) Eyler 87

    Boston University - B.A.
  • Photo of David Barker

    David Barker Jr.  72

    Bowdoin College - BA
  • Photo of David Barrett

    David Barrett 70

    Union College - B.A.
    University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business - M.B.A.
  • Photo of Clement Benenson

    Clement Benenson 00

    Tulane University - B.A.
  • Photo of Pan Chuen Ko

    Pan Chuen Ko 03

    Northwestern University
    Univ. of Rochester
  • Photo of Angus Leary

    Angus Leary 95

    Amherst College - B.A.
    Harvard University - M.A.
  • Photo of Jennifer McIntire

    Jennifer (Noering) McIntire 84

    Bowdoin College - B.A.
    Princeton University - Ph.D.
  • Photo of Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy , Esq.  75

    United States Merchant Marine Academy - B.S.
    Emory University - J.D.
  • Photo of Dudley Pierre

    Dudley Pierre 02

    Trinity College (CT) - B.A.
    University of Houston - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Jacqueline Shire

    Jacqueline (Shire) Shire 84

    Columbia University - MIA
    Columbia University - BA
  • Photo of Eric Strand

    Eric Strand 84

    Boston University - MBA
    U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - BS
    Tabor Academy
  • Photo of Ngai Suet

    Ngai Suet 03

    Princeton University - B.A.
    University of Hong Kong - M.A.

Meet Our Board Chair

List of 1 news stories.


    Vision: To facilitate excellence and integrity for Tabor Academy.

    "Tabor is a special place to me, one that I love dearly. I’m honored to lead our board and take on this role of responsibility, stewarding us through today’s challenges and finding success as we look toward a very bright future. I want to lead by example, from the top down, and create a respectful, inclusive, and collaborative environment for Tabor’s entire community. We have amazing people here — our students, faculty and staff, alumni, parents, trustees, and friends — and I am deeply committed to working to ensure that we all can come together to become the best Tabor possible."

Trustee Emeriti

Mr. R. William Blasdale '61, P '85 '90
Chair 1991-2006
Mr. Jack Braitmayer '48
Chair 1978-1986
Mr. Keith N. Browning '79, P '06, '10, '11
Chair 2006-2014
Mr. John F. Fish ’78, P '15
Mr. Peter T. Francis P '14 '16
Mr. Albert Fried, Jr. '48
Mr. Carmine A. Martignetti '71
Chair 2014-2021
Mr. Lee Pokoik '63
Mr. Phillips G. Smith '65
Mr. John F. Swope '56, P '88
Mr. Louis S. Wolfe '68
Mr. Geoff Worrell P '01, '03, '10


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