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About Us


A Welcome from Tabor's Interim Head of School

Welcome to Tabor's home on the Web, a place for alumni, friends, visitors, students and parents to share in the accomplishments of our great school.

What you will likely find most striking about our website are the incredible visuals of the campus, vivid hints of the spectacular setting surrounding us. Our “School by the Sea” is blessed by its proximity to the ocean, and in many ways the location perfectly expresses the aspirations of our great school. The panorama of possibility, the idea of setting out and setting course, is an apt metaphor for what it means to learn and to grow. This is a place to widen horizons and to imagine what’s beyond them. It is a place from which to set out confidently and courageously and to find the joy and pleasure in learning to do so.

As mesmerizing as these views can be, I encourage you to look a little beyond them, to the people in many of the photos; to the news about our accomplishments; to the descriptions of our offerings and their content; to the excitement and vitality of our days; to the relationships and to the connectedness we encourage and enjoy. What is most important about Tabor Academy is not where we are, as incredible as it is. Rather, it is what we are doing here.

Our broad-ranging and excellent programs – academic, artistic, athletic and residential – suggest provisioning and preparing for the metaphoric voyage I mentioned above. Tabor's mission calls upon us to instill a life-long love of learning; to inspire a passion for high standards of achievement; to foster personal responsibility; and to encourage care for others and committed citizenship. These are the life habits most valued at Tabor, the ones most important to entering and exploring the horizons of the wider world. Here in this diverse and talented community, buoyed by a strong and supportive faculty and accomplished peers, there is the opportunity to begin to shape a meaningful and committed life, a future of engagement and accomplishment well beyond what you might presently see as your horizon. 

The trustees and I invite you to come and see for yourself the place my words, and even this site, fall short of depicting. It is an extraordinary place, full of passion, wonder, and achievement.

Julie Salit
Interim Head of School


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