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COVID-19 Plan

Dear Tabor Families,
Let me begin by saying thank you — truly — for your continued commitment to Tabor during these challenging times.  We have had a wonderful start of hybrid learning, in-person co-curriculars, and building meaningful relationships on our beautiful campus. We are extremely thankful to our students who continue to adhere to safety protocols so our community may stay healthy, as well as our faculty and staff who have adapted to create new and innovative ways to engage and teach our students in such unique times and under state guidelines. Things may look different on campus, but one thing has always remained constant - our commitment to a safe and healthy environment while continuing to inspire, encourage, and support our students.
We hope you will find this page helpful for any COVID-19 related questions, information, and updates, and we will of course continue to update you on any changes during this unprecedented time.
Julie A Salit
Interim Head of School

COVID-19 Test Tracker

List of 26 items.

  • Week of 8/25-9/5

    # of tests performed: 659
    Total positive cases: 2
  • Week of 9/6-9/11

    # of tests performed: 7
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 9/13-9/20

    # of tests performed: 678
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 9/20-9/26

    # of tests performed: 3
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 9/27-10/3

    # of tests performed: 2
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 10/4-10/10

    # of tests performed: 690
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 10/11-10/17

    # of tests performed: 3
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 10/18-10/24

    # of tests performed: 3
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 10/25-10/31

    # of tests performed: 3
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 11/1-11/6

    # of tests performed: 669
    Total positive cases: 5
  • Week of 11/7-11/13

    # of tests performed: 577
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 1/28-1/31/21

    # of Total Tests: 626
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 2/4–2/5

    # of tests performed: 619
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 2/13-2/20

    # of tests performed: 619
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 2/21-2/28

    # of tests performed: 629
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 3/1-3/7

    # of tests performed: 621
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 3/26-3/27

    # of tests performed: 668
    Total positive cases: 2
  • Week of 3/28-4/4

    # of tests performed: 679
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 4/5-4/11

    # of tests performed: 484
    Total positive cases: 5
  • Week of 4/12-4/18

    # of tests performed: 747
    Total positive cases: 5
  • Week of 4/19-4/25

    # of tests performed: 731
    Total positive cases: 1
  • Week of 4/26-5/2

    # of tests performed: 882
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 5/3-5/9

    # of tests performed: 734
    Total positive cases: 1
  • Week of 5/10-5/17

    # of tests performed: 808
    Total positive cases: 1
  • Week of 5/18-5/23

    # of Total Tests: 681
    Total positive cases: 0
  • Week of 5/24-6/1

    # of tests performed: 736
    Total positive cases: 0

Helpful Tabor Contacts

Health Center: Main Line

Dean of Students: Tim Cleary


Dean of Studies: CK Kennedy

Director of Athletics/Co-Curriculars: Conan Leary

Director of Technology: Tim Frey

Questions about Returning to Campus

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Do students need to quarantine prior to their arrival to campus?

    The Massachusetts travel order requires all visitors to the state, students returning to campus, and current residents returning home to complete a Travel Form unless they are coming from a designated “lower risk COVID-19 state” (as of Jan. 15, 2021, Hawaii is the only lower risk state). All visitors, students and residents must quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test result administered no more than 72 hours prior to arriving in Massachusetts.
  • Q. Will students and faculty be screened and tested upon arrival to campus?

    We will be screening all students upon their arrival and expect full transparency regarding illness, exposure and recent travel. Any student that is sick or has had an exposure to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days should not return to campus at this time. Students can expect to undergo screening on a regular basis to identify exposure as well as to enact contact tracing when necessary. All students, faculty and staff will undergo PCR testing upon arrival to campus and students will be quarantined until they receive a negative test result. Day students are also asked to quarantine and not return to campus until they receive a negative test result. Students, faculty and staff will also be re-tested for COVID-19 at 14 days.
  • Q. Will students, faculty and staff be required to wear masks while on campus?

    We expect everyone to wear masks throughout the day. We ask families to send their children to school with five masks, and recommend they are 3-layers thick (the current WHO guideline for best protection). “Neck gaiters” or “Buffs” are not suitable replacements for masks and may not be worn.

    Masks will be worn in all indoor public spaces. Masks can be removed outdoors unless 6' physical distancing cannot be maintained and in dorm rooms. Students will also be required to wear masks and physical distance in the presence of others including in the dormitory common rooms.
  • Q. Will students who appear symptomatic be tested on campus or will they have to go to a local urgent care facility or hospital?

    Rapid antigen testing will be performed at the Health Center for any student that is symptomatic with COVID-like symptoms followed by a PCR test in collaboration with Southcoast Hospital group. We will have quarantine and isolation on campus for COVID-19 positive cases and exposures in our Health Center Annex for those students living 4 hours or more from campus in addition to our typical Health Center.
  • Q.
    Will students be quarantined or isolated if they test positive for COVID-19 on campus or have been exposed?

    Yes, we will designate spaces on campus for quarantine and isolation purposes for those students living 4 hours or more away, as well as continue to staff our Health Center for other needs (allergies, daily medicine, etc). 
  • Q. Do you plan on housing students in singles only?

    We are very fortunate that our residential program is more familial with smaller dorms than at most other schools. These smaller dorms fit nicely within the current guidelines for bathroom facility use, numbers permitted per gathering in common spaces, and physical distancing. To that end, although there will be restrictions in place within our dormitories, at this time, we are planning to house current and incoming boarding students in their assigned singles and doubles upon arrival to campus.
  • Q. Will there be improved measures to disinfect dormitories daily?

    Dormitory bathrooms, hallways and common rooms will be disinfected daily.  Hand sanitizer stations will be installed at doorways as well. Common area and kitchenette use will be limited in each dorm. Although the school will take the primary responsibility for cleaning dorms, we will rely upon the cooperation of our residents to wash hands regularly, follow occupancy limits to restrooms, use hand sanitizer, and follow all guidelines we put in place in each house.
  • Q. What are the new Dining Hall procedures?

    Mr. Sirianni, Director of Dining Services, in conjunction with Flik Food Service, will implement a number of changes to the dining experience on campus: 
    • Additional dining hall locations in Lillard Living Room and a tent in the Lillard oval
    • New hours and serving times to allow for 6’ physical distancing as well as enhanced cleaning and disinfecting processes 
    • Grab and Go options provided in dormitories and the Stroud Academic Center during the school day 
    • Food delivery for sick and quarantined students 
    • Installation of additional hand washing stations in the dining facilities 
  • Q. What types of modifications has Tabor made to the academic program?

    The changes we are making to our classrooms are designed to help us limit student exposure, better allow for hybrid learning for those students who cannot join us in person and facilitate a more seamless transition online should we need to move in that direction. 

    In more typical years, our standard student course load consists of 5 or 6 courses running simultaneously. For AY20-21, we will split our trimesters in half such that students will take three of their courses for the first “module” of the trimester and the other three in the second “module.” Doing so will allow us to offer smaller sections and limit students’ exposure to a smaller group of peers and teachers at any given time.
  • Q. Will there be a place for the day students to gather, assuming they cannot visit with their boarding friends in dormitories?

    Our day students play an important role in our school community, and we are examining all ways in which they can fully participate in the life of our campus this fall. The academic center courtyard, outdoor tents, and other spaces throughout the buildings will be set up for students to safely gather and to enjoy a mask break, all at a physical distance.
  • Q. Will students be permitted to leave campus? Will families be permitted to visit campus?

    We have extended campus boundaries to include Kate’s Simple Eats, the Marion General Store, Cumberland Farms, and Dunkin' Donuts. Students may walk to these locations following physical distancing and mask protocols. At this time, students will not be permitted to leave campus; exceptions will be made for medical care. Families are now able to visit their children on campus. Click here to complete required forms before any visit.
  • Q. Can students participate in club sports/groups outside of Tabor?

    Students who continue to play on non-Tabor affiliated teams (club, AAU, etc.), wish to take part in in-person group meetings, or work off campus need to be remote learners. Participation on these activities will result in students inability to be on-campus learners. 
  • Q. Who is making decisions about the return to campus?

    Our Fall 2020 Reopening Task Force is comprised of faculty and school leadership and includes representation of the academic, athletic, and student-life areas of school, as well as the Director of our Health Center. We will continue to monitor and follow all CDC guidelines as well as adhere to Governor Baker’s plan for Reopening the State of Massachusetts. Julie Przybyszewski, Director of Health Services, also remains in contact with our local and state Boards of Health.

Reopening Plan for fall 2020


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