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Tabor Academy is a coeducational, college preparatory boarding and day school located in Marion, Massachusetts. Tabor enrolls students demonstrating academic ability, strong motivation, sound character, emotional stability, and a willingness to participate fully in the school community. Tabor is founded on the belief that a healthy school community finds common ground while embracing differences and, therefore, accepts a racially, ethnically, religiously, economically, and internationally diverse student body. Tabor students are expected to respect one another and to care for their school.

Tabor's academic, artistic, athletic, and community programs provide distinctive opportunities for students to achieve genuine understanding and significant skills and to identify and pursue personal goals. As the "School by the Sea," Tabor sustains a unique maritime heritage that embodies, in all its programs, the qualities a seagoing life requires: thoughtful preparation for and awareness of the wider world, perseverance, courage, good humor, a sense of direction, and humility.

Tabor's faculty commit themselves to balancing high demands with genuine affection for their students and to fostering relationships founded on the compassion, personal integrity, and trust that anchor Tabor's community.


Tabor Academy educates and empowers students to connect, serve, and lead.


Tabor Academy | All-A-Taut-O (School Seal)


  • CARE — for ourselves, one another, our communities, and the environment — advances a life of purpose and principle.
  • COLLABORATION cultivates an inclusive community and enhances belonging by involving every voice to explore possibilities and improve outcomes.
  • COURAGE enables us to take risks, to develop resilience and resolve, and to act with integrity.
  • CURIOSITY sparks learning as an active and ongoing pursuit of understanding, inspiring genuine engagement, deep inquiry, and creative thinking.


As the School by the Sea, Tabor Academy is both homeport and launching point for a globally connected education where students and educators build knowledge; identify opportunities; and explore innovative, ethical solutions to complex local and global challenges.