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Inaugural Hall of Fame Class Inducted

What an amazing day for Tabor Academy on Saturday, October 15, inducting our inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2016; 15 individual athletes, 6 teams and 7 coaches.  Over 380 people were in attendance for a banquet in the Field House of the Fish Center for Health and Athletics for the celebration, including 75 of our inductees. 
The Athletic Hall of Fame program has been in the works for years.  The idea first surfaced by Head of School, John Quirk, who then tasked Dick Duffy ’56 (former faculty and coach of over 40 years) with bringing his vision to fruition. Planning began in earnest in the summer of 2015 when Duffy was catching up with Tabor alum, Bill Kimball ’73.
Kimball shared the sad news of a devastating stroke his classmate and teammate, Rob Hollis ’73, recently endured. Together, they remembered Hollis’ athletic prowess, sportsmanship and leadership, all qualities of an Athletic Hall of Fame candidate. Their conversation naturally led Duffy to share the idea of the budding program to honor athletes, like Hollis and so many others, who have contributed to Tabor Athletics over the years. Kimball immediately took to the phone lines to help raise a fund to launch the Athletic Hall of Fame program as a way to honor his classmate, Rob Hollis ’73.
In the fall of 2015, Duffy coordinated the formation of a committee to set the nomination standards and solicit the public call for nominations for the inaugural Class of 2016.  Nominations closed on April 1, 2016 and in all, over 200 nominations for individual athletes, coaches and teams came in!
That set the stage for the inaugural class to be elected this past spring. Kristin McLaughlin, Director of Stewardship and committee member, took on the huge task of notifying each inductee of their election. In addition to all individual athletes and coaches, all team members and next of kin for our deceased inductees were notified of this great honor.
Over the summer, McLaughlin worked tirelessly with all inductees to create a meaningful and substantial event.  Through coordinating inductee biographies, old athletic photos and memorabilia, it was clear on Saturday to all guests they were a part of something special and, indeed, a memorable event that honored all.
This weekend, the inductees came from near and far. Whole teams reunited again at Tabor (the ’88 Varsity Girls’ Crew even rowed together on Sippican Harbor lead by both current Girls’ Head Coach Mike Bentz and former Head Coach Abby Rodgers).  It was thrilling to see guests regaling each other with memories, and sharing with the crowd gathered the pride they felt for their teammates, coaches and school. The induction ceremony was emotional, funny and most of all unbelievably impressive as Tabor truly honored the past, celebrated the present and inspired the future of Tabor Athletics.
The caliber of the athletes in the room was remarkable; two Olympic athletes (one also an Olympic coach), a former NFL player, a retired Admiral, many All-American athletes, national champions, world champions, many Tabor three team captains, coaches who were pioneers of their sport, many undefeated teams, and countless more accolades for all inductees. Overall, the attributes of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and achievement were common to each inductee.  The event was an incredible opportunity to have our current coaches and team captains present to hear their stories and share in Tabor’s rich athletic history.
“What a wonderful opportunity to bring Tabor’s history and tradition into such close, excellent, and meaningful contact with Tabor’s present,” Quirk shared with pride after the event.
Indeed, it did just that.
Thank you to all the inductees of Class of 2016 for spending the day with us and ensuring the successful launch of this important program for Tabor Athletics. We hope this opens many more connections between our alumni and students for years to come! Congratulations all on a historic achievement!

Click here to see more photos from the day 

Click here to see the Hall of Fame website and read each inductees' biography. 


Robert M. Hollis (17:00)
Elizabeth R. Hagemann '38 (24:00)
John P. Riley '39 (28:55)
Donald L. Perry '47 (33:50)
Richard R. Pariseau '56 (37:00)
George H. Linzee '69 (40:15)
David B. Barker, Jr. '72 (51:00)
Michael S. Finn '74 (57:00)
Camilo B. Merizalde '77 (1:01:35)
Phil M. Hughes '79 (1:05:55)
Joby M. Branion '81 (1:10:55)
Eleanor E. Pierce '84 (1:40:25)
Colleen M. Coyne '89 (1:44:30)
Emily C. Roller '95 (1:48:55)
Travis M. Roy '95 (1:52:50)


Capt. John A. Carlson (1:59:40)
James Luchini (2:05:40)
Thomas H. Buffinton (2:09:25)
Harry C. Hoyle (2:13:25)
F. Timothy Walsh (2:26:30)
Talbot Baker, Jr. (2:39:45)
G. Richard Duffy '56 (2:42:30)


1961 Varsity Boys' Basketball (2:50:50)
1965 Henley Crew (2:57:20)
1976 Varsity Football (3:03:00)
1988 Varsity Girls' Crew (3:06:45)
1990 Varsity Sailing (3:11:20)
1994 Varsity Girls' Hockey (3:15:55)


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