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Make Waves in the World

At Tabor, we’re making waves in the world and leaving a lasting impact. Here, you’ll experience a wave of energy, igniting your passion for excellence, fueling your drive for success, and filling you with a sense of purpose and excitement. Tabor isn’t just a school; it’s your second home, where you’ll navigate the waters of education, achieving more than you ever thought possible.

Discover the School by the Sea

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School by the Sea

Signature Programs

Imagine waking up to the refreshing sea breeze, starting the day with learning deeply connected to the world around you. At Tabor, our waterfront location isn’t just for show; it’s a living classroom that brings history, culture, and future-thinking together. We’re not just about book smarts—we’re about real-world, hands-on experience, both in and out of the classroom. Dive into our unique School by the Sea offerings.

Nautical Science

nautical science

Our nautical science electives are uniquely suited to allow students to test their knowledge and apply their leadership skills in real-life situations or in controlled simulations, such as when we study sea survival in our Lifeboatman course. Actually applying what is discussed in class on the water changes the theory into experience, building confidence and skill. These hands-on programs set Tabor apart by teaching important life-long skills steeped in tradition.

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Marine Science

marine science

Tabor’s science curriculum is enhanced by courses devoted to the study and care of the ocean. The Marine and Nautical Science (MANS) Center, built in 2005, is situated in a beautiful salt marsh directly on Sippican Harbor. The facility, including the Schaefer Wet Lab, is a perfect place to study marine biology. The curriculum begins with Biology of the Oceans, biology taught through an ocean-oriented lens.
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A two-season sport at Tabor, the sailing team boasts roughly fifty sailors from all four grades. The school is a member of the New England Schools Sailing Association (NESSA), which emphasizes team racing. Sailing practices four days a week on Sippican Harbor in the school’s eighteen collegiate 420s and six FJs, and typically competes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tabor’s sailing program is consistently one of the top programs in the country and competes regularly for the New England Championship as well as the Baker Trophy (Sailing National Championship).
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Fast Facts

Seawolf Perks

A strong community is the heart and soul of Tabor Academy

Community Voices

Julian Badger ’24

"I chose Tabor because it felt like the perfect place to develop and grow academically, athletically, and just as a person in general. Tabor stood out to me as a place I could go to mature due to the sense of responsibility that we are given."

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Taylor Darby ’24

"I chose Tabor Academy because of the strong sense of community, numerous programs and opportunities, and global education."

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Adrianna Kalinich ’24

“One piece of valuable advice that I would give to a new student is to use every resource to the best of its ability. It is important to network through the Tabor community and get your name out early.”

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Luke Saletta ’24

“Tabor has allowed me to explore my passions by giving me the classroom opportunity to do completely independent research.”

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