Dress Code

Tabor Academy requires a neat and clean appearance at all times as well as professional and proper dress during the academic day. Informal dress after the academic day, on weekends and at other free times is expected to be neat, clean and tasteful, while at the same time allowing for comfort and individuality.

The formal dress code for boys: Sport coat or blazer with dress slacks (or tailored shorts in fall or spring), dress shirt (tucked-in at all times) and tie, belt, socks (which cover the ankles) and dress shoes.

The formal dress code for girls:
Either (1) knee-length dress or knee-length skirt and blouse / sweater / turtleneck, or (2) dress slacks with a blouse or collared shirt and blazer, shoes or dress boots.

Please note the following definitions and clarifications.

Blazer: This term includes blazer or sports coat. Blazers must be worn, not carried, during the entirety of the academic day. Blazers for girls must conform to the general cut and appearance of the classic blazers

depicted on the Blazer Depot Site (see below). The school recommends but does not require this particular brand. However, other brands chosen must conform to style of the Blazer Depot women’s blazers. (http://blazerdepot.com/pages/ladies_jkt/all_w_jkt.html).

Dress or Skirt: The lower hem of these garments must touch or cover a portion of the knee when standing. Girls may not wear dresses cut so low as to reveal a significant portion of the cleavage area. Culottes and skorts are not permitted.

Dress Slacks: Dress slacks include cotton, poly/cotton blends, wool, or wool blends which take a crease. Pants with visible rear pockets, pock-ets with rivets, or extra pockets (or loops) elsewhere are not permitted. No other styles are permitted. Capri pants are not part of the approved formal dress code.

Dress Shirt: This is a shirt with a collar ("turn-down" or "buttoned-down" type collars only), which buttons all the way down the front, has long or short sleeves, and is capable of being pressed - and always tucked in. Genuine “roll-down” turtleneck sweaters are acceptable as part of this dress code; however, “mock” turtlenecks or turtlenecks with any type of zipper are not.

Shoes: Acceptable shoes include most “polishable” tie leather shoes, loafers or boat shoes. Dressy open toed shoes and shoes without backs are usually acceptable for girls. Clogs are acceptable for both boys and for girls. NOT PERMITTED: Shoes that attach to the feet only between the toes (including shower thongs), athletic shoes (cross trainers, running shoes, basketball sneakers, wrestling, skateboard shoes, or bowling shoes), low-cut hiking boots, Crocs, work boots, Birkenstock sandals, or slippers (including moccasins and any “Uggs” brand type of footwear that does not resemble a dress shoe).

Boots and rubber boat shoes are acceptable only in foul weather and dur-ing the period of time between Thanksgiving and spring vacations.

Physical injuries necessitating different type of footwear than that al-lowed by the school’s formal dress code must be approved in writing by Tabor’s Health Center or the Athletic Training Office. The student is responsible for carrying the written excuse at all times and presenting it to teachers during the excuse period.

In addition, hats, kerchiefs, and bandanas (intended for use as headwear) are prohibited for both boys and girls, as part of formal dress code.

Athletic uniform and cage issue are not permissible for dress code situa-tions unless a "Spirit Day" has been approved.

Denim items are not acceptable as part of the formal dress code.

Winter wear, fleece garments and athletic sweat tops are not to be worn under the sports jacket or blazer. In addition, NO garment is to be worn over the blazer when inside the Academic Center while classes are in session, including team jackets.

Students discovered in violation of the dress code will be asked to rectify the matter immediately. Failure to comply with this request or repeated violation of the dress code will result in a work detail.

NOTE: Provided that the spirit of the dress code has been satisfactorily met throughout the year, the Headmaster and the Dean of Students will work with TASC for the purpose of establishing a somewhat relaxed, spring-term dress code, which would go into effect on April 15th.

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