Health Services

Health Services
Tabor Academy prides itself on taking care of the whole student. To that end the Health Center and the Health Services are committed to helping all students with any issue that might arise, be it medical or emotional. We recognize and appreciate that adolescence is a time of emotional and physical growth and change.
The nursing staff is present in the Health Center during regularly scheduled hours and is readily available for consultation in the dorms, on the playing fields, or wherever needed during off hours. Should the need arise, the on-call nurse will stay overnight in the Health Center to take care of a sick student/s. There is a school physician and a pediatric nurse practitioner, both of whom are available for further evaluation when indicated. All Tabor Academy students have access to the school psychologist, the school counselors, and the athletic trainers.
Students are welcome to come to the Health Center anytime to be seen for illness or injury, to receive daily medication, or set-up an appointment with one of the healthcare providers. If needed, the Health Center will arrange appointments and transportation to medical sub-specialist or for further testing. If conditions warrant a student will be transported to the Emergency Room at Tobey Hospital, either by private car or Emergency Medical Service. In such instances, the parents will be notified as well as the Head Master, Dean of Students, dorm parent, and advisor.
All those involved in giving health care services at Tabor Academy respect students right to privacy and confidentiality. We foster and expect that they show each other the same consideration.
We all strive to make the Tabor Academy Health Center a warm and comforting place for the students when they are not feeling well. There are rooms available for resting/sleeping , quiet studying, or watching television and enjoying a cup of soup or tea.
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