At Tabor, we offer all students the opportunity to become involved in competitive sports and fitness activities, from the athlete looking for top competition and a stepping stone to collegiate athletics to the student with little or no experience wielding a squash racket or sailing a laser-class sailboat. With 55 different teams in 23 interscholastic sports and another 15 instructional programs, there is a place for everyone in Tabor's athletic program. Top these opportunities with a brand-new Athletic Center, which includes an indoor hockey rink and a fitness center, and an extensive waterfront, and you can understand why athletics play a big part in school life—for players and cheering fans alike. Seawolf teams claim a long-standing tradition of consistently winning league championships and tournaments.
What truly sets Tabor's athletic program apart, however, is the people—teachers who coach and coaches who teach; students who share their coaches' and teammates' enthusiasm, commitment and passion. As you get to know your history teacher on the baseball diamond or your basketball coach in the math classroom and then in the dormitory, a sense of togetherness and support is solidified.
Dick Muther,
Director of Athletics
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